Bluetooth Audio Receiver & Transmitter lets you enjoy wireless freedom with your gadgets

Here is a Bluetooth Audio Receiver & Transmitter (Model No. 400-BTAD001) that can be used for both transmitting as well as receiving Bluetooth files so that you can enjoy multimedia content seamlessly. It can be used with any Bluetooth compatible device for example when connected to earphones it can establish Bluetooth connectivity to play songs via your iPhone 5 or connected to your speaker system to play audio from TV in your kitchen. Another example would be to play audio from your iPod with car’s music system without the need to connect auxiliary cable to the music player directly which can be a disturbance while changing gears.

Bluetooth Audio Receiver & Transmitter is very small with size no more than that of an average cookie and weighs only 50 g, so you can hook it up to your shirt. There is a button switch which lets you choose the mode i.e. transmit (TX) or receive (RX). It gives you around 9 hours of continuous backup in transmit mode and around 400 hours in receive mode after charging the device with USB cable for 2 hours. The price that you’ll have to pay for this seamless multimedia content streaming is around $44 which is worth every penny considering the features this product has.



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