Wooden Lego bricks to set your creative brain bits on fire

In a world obsessed with Lego bricks and the various mind-boggling creations from Lego enthusiasts, have we ever wondered why there was no eco-friendly Lego-brick that would leave no carbon foot-print once disposed-off? Well, not until now, but finally sanity has prevailed and a new era of Lego bricks is here to take the world by Storm (not Lego Mindstorms). Mokurokku is selling its wooden Lego bricks in a set of 50 each through its online store iichi Sotokoto.

There are only 29 of these limited edition wooden Lego bricks in stock right now, so spare $32 (shipping charges extra) from your budget and get hold of these amazing wooden Lego bricks for making even more creative things than we have seen so far.



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