iGuard5 sliding aluminum case for iPhone 5 protects and cleans the touchscreen

Just like reptiles have a thin membrane inside their eye that slides out for protection from sand, insects and poisons that their enemies spray to make them blind; iGuard5 has a sliding shutter that protects your smartphone from external damage. The light-weight aluminum case for iPhone 5 with shock absorption silicon pads weights only 37g and is made from anodized aluminum and the internal shutter that automatically cleans the iPhone5’s surface is made from microfiber cloth. This way you can protect iPhone5’s screen from any damage and keep it new for years and years to come.

iGuard5 apparently is the world’s first case for iPhone5 that has aluminum as the material used and this makes sure your smartphone gets top notch protection that it deserves. iGuard5 iPhone5 comes in a variety of colors including silver, purple, blue and black which should spoil you for choices. If you have an iPhone 4/4S then there is an iGuard4/4S variant too which weights 40g. both the models retail for $44 and you can buy one in color choice of yours from the product website.



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