Clarity bike by Designaffairs Studio is stylish and costs much less courtesy special polymer material

A project of Designaffairs Studio the Clarity bike uses completely new kind of materials for production, making it light-weight and durable compared to the present bike designs. Taking the next leap in bicycle frame engineering and manufacturing methods, the Clarity Bike looks and feels different from what we all have seen so far. Using an advanced polymer material which has high impact resistance, gentle flexibility and high impact resistance this bicycle seems to be the future of bicycling industry which is constantly looking for materials that are light-weight, durable and flexible.

A special kind of polymer (having low density, exceptional impact resistance and ultra-lightweight performance) previously used in military applications is injection molded into the casts which can be made in any form factor thus giving tremendous options when it comes to affordable and precise mass production. This material also gives the flexibility when it comes to color combinations for the finally produced bike.
This polymer material has high resistance for extreme hot and cold climates due to the chemical resistance and thermal stability. In totality Clarity Bike is a very rare combination of low cost bicycle production methods and has the uber cool style that goes very well with modern times.



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