Moneual Smart Home Server with Air Purifier solves dual purpose

Moneual had released a very unique product at CES 2013 that was somehow missed by the keen eyes of our research team, so here it is now featuring on Damn Geeky. The Moneual Smart Home Server with Air Purifier that solves dual purpose of freshening up your room air and providing uninterrupted internet connectivity. The six step air purification removes 99.97% of dust particles larger than 0.3 μm like bacteria, dust, fungus, cigarette smoke etc.

There is a 7 inch LCD touch screen display which shows the current status, control interface to the home server, air purifier, Anti-Allergen Shield, Pre-filter, HEPA filter, Nano-silver shield, VOC carbon filter, Plasma Doctor and the connected devices.

The home server is powered by Intel 3rd Gen Core i processor with DDR3 DIMM memory, 64G SSD + 1.5 TB HDD, Wi-Fi network 802.11n and Gigabit Ethernet. Coming onto the air purification feature, it cleans the air of a room the size of 400 sq feet.



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