InMoov 3D printed robot that you can also make at home

With more than a year’s work put into the making of the InMoov robot which is 3D printed all the way, it truly deserves the accolades. Made by a sculptor modelmaker for Factices Ateliers, [hairgael] as a contribution to the OpenSource 3D arena, the robot can be built by anyone who has a bit of technical know-how about things like actuators, servos, Arduino and off-course 3D printing. He started the work on right hand and printed it on 3D Touch in ABS and designed in Blender. Weighing around 4280 grams; InMoov has motion pattern control method, operates with Windows, Macintosh OS or Linux while the programming language used includes Aerialterm and MyRobotLab.

So far, InMoov can grab objects with voice command with the help of Myrobotlab anf GroG applications. You can follow all the progress of building InMoov 3D printed robot at [hairgael] and also follow the complete instructions on building one for yourself. In the meanwhile, have a look at these video transcripts to learn more about this 3D printed robot that amazed us all.

Via: 3Ders



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