3-in-one CrystalCore TiltDock multifunctional play and work station for iPhone 5, iPad 2 and iPad mini

Up on Indiegogo platform for crowd funding to push it into manufacturing, the CrystalCore TiltDock could have been Apple’s own accessory to team up with iOS devices, but it is not. Rather it is the ingenious design of Apple Core Gear which was sneak-peaked at CES 2013. Having three versions of pin connectors in the dock, it can be a docking station for your iPhone 5, iPad 2, iPod touch and iPad Mini. In fact it works with all the previous models of the products too, so in a way it is a one-stop-docking station for all your loved Apple gadgets. Interestingly the makers claim that the micro USB connector lets it function as dock for other smartphones from manufacturers like Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and LG too!

The 8-pin lightning connector works for new generation Apple products and features like tilting backrest which lets you place the smartphone with any angle up to 45 degree angle, ability to fit your smartphone even with cover or case and the firm base ensures the dock doesn’t move when you are working with one hand on the touchscreen of the device. The docking station will retail for $100 when finally manufactured but if you pledge certain amount on Indiegogo then you’ll get it for much less.

# CrystalCore TiltDock, the concept

Via: iPhoneLife



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