Sony LLS-201 Personal Content Station transfers files from smartphone or tablet wirelessly

Sony has announced a 1 TB hard disk with attached-network capacity to share and save multimedia content wirelessly from Android and Apple devices at the CES 2013. Equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) contactless Sony wireless communication technology makes it possible to transfer files just by waving your device like smartphone or tablet. This eliminated the need to connect your device with the PC or other data storage media compatible with such devices. Once you wave the device over the Sony LLS-201 Personal Content Station thereafter an application called PCS Manager opens up one can manage all the content like photos or videos. The device also has Wi-Fi connectivity option in case you want to transfer data wirelessly, memory card slot and USB connectivity option.

With demand for such innovative technologies Sony is looking to cash-in the opportunity that NFC offers in conjunction with today’s gadgets. So let’s have a look at some of the key features that Sony LLS-201 Personal Content Station which weighs just 500 grams and measures 172x32x172mm, offers to you as a buyer.

• Video transcoder allows you to convert high definition video like AVCHD to MP4 for playback on smartphone or tablet

• HDMI interface lets users view photos and videos on large-screen TV in full HD quality (up to 1080/60p)

• Direct wireless backup photos and videos to PCS from Wi-Fi capable digital cameras

• IEEE802.11 a / b / g / n (2.4GHz/5GHz) Infrastructure mode, AP (access point) mode

• USB: Hi-Speed USB × 1 (2.1A max) power supply support (USB 2.0) / USB “Memory Stick Duo/ SD memory card slot × 1 dual output HDMI: x 1 up to 1080/60p

• One touch NFC function

• Supported file formats: JPEG, MPO, RAW , AVCHD, MP4, MPEG2 SD, MOV, 3GPP (3GPP2), AVI, MPEG1

• Compatible smartphone and tablet models include Android smartphones and tablets with Android OS version 2.3 or higher and support iOS 6.0, iPod touch, iPad, the iPad mini


Hub for Storing, Viewing and Sharing Delivers One-touch Control from Smartphones over Content Captured by Different Devices

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 7, 2013 (CES Booth #14200) – Consumers looking for a better way to easily store and share photos and videos can turn to Sony’s new Personal Content Station. This wireless home device gives users centralized control over their data, even if it was captured and resides on several devices.

The rise in smartphones and tablets with advanced cameras and imaging capabilities is creating a content storage and management issue for consumers. According to recent industry research, 80% of smartphone users admit to keeping photos on their device, rather than deal with the hassle of transferring them to a PC.
The Personal Content Station addresses this need simply and effectively. It connects wirelessly to a home network to store, view and share photos and videos from a consumer’s different devices including smartphones, tablets, cameras and camcorders.

“Consumer technology is more mobile than ever, and the smartphone now is often a person’s primary camera,” said Viviano Cantu, director of consumer media marketing at Sony Electronics. “The challenge is, what do you do with all that content on your phone, and how do you easily share it with family and friends? This device answers those questions. With 1TB of space, it has enough storage capacity to become the wireless hub of all your personal content.”

The Personal Content Station supports data transfer through a Wi-Fi connection from smartphones or tablets, a USB connection or memory card.

Using near field communications (NFC) technology, with just one touch, users can automatically begin transferring the most recent photos and videos taken from a phone to the Personal Content Station. This “One-touch backup” is managed by the “PCS Manager” App (available for download through Google Play or the iTunes App Store). All users need to do is bring their device close to the “N” marked area on the Personal Content Station. For non-NFC devices, users can simply start the transfer process by following the instructions on the PCS Manager App.

The PCS has a contoured top design well-suited for placing smartphones or digital cameras while transferring content and its stylish look blends easily into home environments.

A key feature of the PCS device is a built-in video transcoder that automatically converts high-definition AVCHD videos to the MP4 format for playback on smartphones or tablets. The original files remain on the Personal Content Station untouched and at their original quality and resolution. Its HDMI interface lets users view photos and videos on large-screen TVs in full HD (up to 1080/60p) quality.

Users can manage and post photos and videos stored on the device to cloud network services or social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter from their smartphone or tablet.



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