Sanyo Remote Shutter Control for iPhone 5 and iPad 2

With iPhone and iPad’s top notch camera quality many people are making it their first priority over compact digital cameras as it solves a dual purpose of shooting great pictures too. Amidst all the varied accessories so far for iPhone and iPad this shutter remote lets you take great pictures sans any unwanted movement that can be there when you physically touch the screen to click the picture. Additionally it also gives you the flexibility to mount your iPhone or iPad on a tripod accessory and then take pictures from a fair distance with the shutter release functionality of the remote. Sanyo Remote Control Shutter for iPhone/iPad (Model No. EEA-YW0853) can be plugged into the earphone jack of the device and the easy grip of the remote lets you press the shutter button in ergonomically right way.

Sanyo remote shutter with a cable length of 88 cm works with iPhone and iPad with latest iOS version and older versions too. Total weight of the remote is 40 grams and measures 37x45x105 mm which makes it an easy accessory to keep handy while travelling, at special occasions or any time when you need to save your priceless memories. Sanyo Remote Control Shutter comes at a very attractive price of 12 US dollars which is not much considering the end-resulting pictures that you’ll savor forever.

Via: ESupply



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