Adept Lynx self-navigating robot ventures through most crowded areas effortlessly

Robots have become really intelligent over the years. Until now many autonomously guided robots used some kind of floor magnets or other navigational assistants and facility modification to march through crowded work areas. But recently Adept Technology – a specialist in developing intelligent robots has developed the Adept Lynx. Lynx is self-navigating Autonomous Indoor Vehicle (AIV) which is designed to move playloads of up to 60kg from one place to another, in even the most challenging environments.

Embedded with digital maps and self-charging option, the Lynx uses Adept’s proprietary software and an intuitive user interface to navigate most intelligently in crowded place and around unplanned obstacles. Already being vouched as a great inclusion for manufacturing, warehousing and healthcare facilities, the Adept Lynx Autonomous Indoor Vehicle will be on display at the Automate 2013 show.

Via: AzoRobotics



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