Pioneer WWS-DT301 multitouch table has direct sync capabilities with gadgets

Pioneer Corporation has launched the WWS-DT301 32-inch touch panel table with full high-definition display (1920X1080 pixels) targeting the huge demand for streamlining businesses as well as home users. Optimized for 4 users the touch table is ideal for making presentations along with display for the multimedia content streaming like videos and pictures. The compatibility with devices like smartphones, laptops or tablets further enhances the functionality as one can directly drop content onto the table. The capacitive multi-touch screen having maximum 10 touch instances at any point in time which is more than enough to work with up to 4 users. The Microsoft Windows 7 multitouch table running on Intel Core i7 processing power having 8 GB RAM measures 1,400x720x720mm and weighs around 90 kg.

Pioneer WWS-DT301 32-inch touch panel table features:

• Writes the contents of document or enlarge documents in the touch screen and make smart presentations in a jiffy

• On the sub-display that is connected to this unit, one can view the article in touch like throw a card. Due to large screen display and display comparison with the sub-display one can make the presentations more effective

• You can turn the pages or manipulate them using the function “Book”; as the book materials such as PowerPoint and PDF. Without creating new content, you can take full advantage of the existing content

• You can cut out only the information you need and “clipping”, by using the function “Paste” to other cards

• Digitized automatic character recognition to convert what you have on the screen handwriting input form

• Form creation is done using the bundled software and can be output in the form of CSV

• Still images can be transferred in connection with Wi-Fi, and content that is available in tablet features Visual Sync

• Equipped to provide the documentation to your smartphone using the Internet and two-dimensional bar code function, InfoSync Service

There is no word yet on pricing of Pioneer WWS-DT301, so we’ll have it updated as soon as some news strikes the cloud.

Via: Pioneer



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