ASB GlassFloor: World’s first interactive glass floor lets you play 5 sports on one surface

ASB GlassFloor is world’s first interactive gym floor that can be a playing surface for a number of indoor and outdoor sports like tennis, volleyball, handball, basketball and badminton. This is possible with the high power ultra-bright programmable LED lights beneath the layers of toughened glass coated surface with anti-skid laminate which means that you don’t need to change courts to play a different game; rather you just have to push a button. The floor is made by German company ASB Systembau GMBH in a school gym and looks to change the wooden, grass, clay or artificial synthetic surface for a variety of sports.

The Tron like floor has an aluminum frame which is tampered so that there is no breakage and the playing surface is made in such a way that there is no reflection from the floor itself. In the bounce tests the floor came good as it has higher coefficient or restitution due to its elastic nature.

This type of flooring could also change the way sports are played and judged for example if sensors are built into the ball, the landing spot can be digitally marked to make accurate judgement rather than looking at replays on the TV screen. Additionally ABS GlassFloor can also be used to track player movement and coaches can then make subtle changes in play style of a player struggling with his play.

Via: Core77/Dvice



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