Body Jet wearable jetpack by Marc Newson will shoot you to thrill

Jetpacks have been an obsession with DIYers, designers, engineers and any other geeky mob that dreams of one day flying in a personal encased rig which can be maneuvered any which way during flight. Probably a result of visionary stuff show in movies like Iron Man and sci-fi televisions sitcoms. There have numerous attempts for creating near perfect jetpacks that can fly for long duration of time but none of them seem to make it to the commercial production lines because of little loopholes. Amongst all these creative designs Marc Newson (famous Australian designer) has also jumped into the band-wagon with his concept of a jetpack and he calls it the Body Jet.

Made from carbon fiber material the ultra-light-weight jetpack has gyroscopic control system and looks to achieve an overall 60 minutes of air time. Marc set out on making the wearable jetpack after a French firm specializing in aerospace components wanted him to design it. The wearable jetpack is in concept stage at the moment and we can soon expect to see it in production and beta testing stage once the final design is confirmed.



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