Samurai Chess Set with bonsai plant garden adjacent the playing surface

Playing chess with a bonsai garden right by your side can be a different experience altogether and that too with exquisite Samurai army set pieces. This Samurai Chess Set by Jim Arnold made from pure maple and walnut measures a total 42 by 27 inches and has a very beautiful sand garden adjacent to the chess playing surface. The sand garden features rocks, a bridge, walking path and three Bonsai plants. The captured pieces can be put anywhere in this area and just imagining about playing chess with buddies on a cold winter afternoon on the Samurai Chess Set gives me the butterflies.

Talking about the set pieces, the Samurai king is about 7 inches tall and the gate pawns span 3.5 inches. The queen in this set is depicted by a Japanese princess, the bishops by staff-carrying elderly, many-tiered pagodas are the rooks and the traditional Samurai headdress as the knights. Apparently the bonsai will grow as time passes and make sure it does not inhibit the playing surface itself.

Interestingly you can also order the chess set according to your custom needs like the shape of chess sets. The Samurai Chess Set will cost around $1200 and will completely depend on what you want Jim to incorporate into the set.



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