Gradie personal mobility prototype for smooth commuting in crowded places

Gradie personal mobility prototype is a project proposed by a bunch of individuals who have a vision for making personal mobility much more affordable and easy to maneuver around for people with disability. It doesn’t matter if you have to walk around in large shopping malls, get on the train, visit a golf course or travel to a new place without the constant of getting hurt or being stranded in one place. This personal mobility device is very compact and folds up easily so that you can take it anywhere with you. Gradie can be carried like a suitcase and transformed into a driving position so that you can sit on it and drive at cruising speed of 6 km/hr. the lithium ion rechargeable pack that gives driving power to the front wheel drive system for a distance of 17.7 km in one charge (charging time 5 hours) makes sure you can commute anywhere without the risk of getting stranded.

The overall weight of Gradie is around 12 kg and with a very slim frame of 195 x 1050 mm it can go to any place without creating a jam. This personal mobility project is still in prototype stage as of now and the makers are looking for collaboration with a good reputed firm so that it can be pushed into the production stage.



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