Audi concept bike collection by Vladimer Kobakhidze for urban commuters

Taking the urban bicycle concept to the next level, Audi Bike that comes in three different variants depending on your needs. For example if you a more sports kind of bloke then the sports-bike version, a foldable model for ones who like their things compact and lastly the e-bike version for people who are conscious about energy conservation and eco-friendly. The designer of these bicycles is Vladimer Kobakhidze (Georgian car designer having architectural background) and while designing these models he made sure the signature Audi’s quality and style assurance is there in each one of them.

Audi Sports Bike version:

Made especially for demanding users this premium offering is made from light-weight carbon fiber and aluminum body frame. Other features include a distinctive seat post construction and chain ring mechanism which safely cover the chain and makes sure there are no problems like unchaining. On top of this the model is foldable so that one can carry it easily in a truck or car.

Audi Folding bike model:

Keeping in mind the constricted spaces and need for a commuting means that can easily go anywhere no matter how crowded the space is the Audi folding bike has a small form factor and can be easily transported. Not only this, the folding bike concept has an infotainment system that can be connected to global network with a smartphone or GPS mobile device system.

Audi Electric bike concept:

This version of the Audi bicycle concept by Vladimer is much more refined in its design and the body frame and wheels are made from carbon fiber. The lithium battery is integrated in the frame itself which gives you the liberty to use the human powered mechanism as a generator for recharging batteries or to simply commute on level urban pathways.



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