Taiwanese company Polytron unveils a real transparent smartphone

If transparent be the future of smartphones, Polytron play on. Taiwanese tech company Polytron technologies has revealed an all new transparent smartphone, which they say could be on the market by the end of 2013. The transparent smartphone, which opened eyes of all waiting for a transparent smartphone, was displayed by Serena Chen, Deputy Manager of Polytron in Taoyuan City, Northern Taiwan. This prototype phone, which has the ability to change smartphone industry for good, features a small touchscreen and power glass exterior.

There are companies that are working on foldable and flexible phones, and this transparent smartphone design seems first real effort at getting the transparent phone to the consumer. The only thing that bothers me is that, there hasn’t been a way worked out to make processors and components transparent – therefore you can see the processor and other components on the edges of the transparent smartphone.

Via: ChinaDaily/DesignTaxi



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