Steampunk Vespa Piaggio scooter modded by greek artist is eye candy

The iconic Vespa Piaggio scooter will never be forgotten by people who once rode it and also for the generation next who fantasize about riding one even more that driving a Hayabusa. Ok, the comparison might have got a bit blown out but still no one will ever forget those five words “Vespa”. Add a few more words on the paper and you’ll get a Steampunk Vespa that truly captures your imagination. Designed and modded by Pulsar Projects. This steampunkish Vespa Guardian was the result of greek artist and profound sculptor Coffin Cris who turned one legendary Italian auto symbol into a retro Steampunk wonder.

Probably one of the prime work of art to feature in the Vespa Piaggio Museum with chrome finish tires, clutch and brake pedals. Also there are bright blue LED lights for showing the speed and other statistics while the exteriors are all draped in copper, brass and silverfish finish anywhere you set eyes on this Vespa. Have a look at some more pictures of Coffin’s work and enjoy.



Via: MotoBlog


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