Logitech Logicool Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam for streaming live HD videos with iPhone 5 and Mac

Come February 1, 2013 and you’ll get to see the all new Logicool Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam by Logitech that is a flexible webcam for your desktop, Mac and iOS gadgets like iPad or iPhone. The possibilities are limitless be it seeing live streaming of your recorded musical performance, enjoying high quality video chat or shooting high quality videos from your smartphone. Using the Ustream free streaming service one can broadcast live high quality videos in the cloud which is very useful in times when viral videos are a big hit with worldwide audience. Thereafter you can post these live streams on Facebook.

To have two different views of the same performance at the same time one needs to connect the broadcaster to your Mac’s built-in-camera using the Logitech Logicool Broadcast software. Later on the video can be edited using the iMovie or Final Cut Pro software. To add more creativity to the recorded videos or live streaming one can easily switch between the two camera views or if you want to explore a little more, it can also be calibrated to show moving objects.

There is no doubting the quality of Logicool Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam’s camera and the Fluid Crystal technology with which one can shoot 720p HD videos in a sharper and clear format even in the dark lighting conditions.

Logicool Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam comes with 2 year warranty, measures 117 x 48 x 28 mm and weighs only 96 grams. The high-tech webcam with Wi-Fi properties will cost you around $217 and you can purchase it when it is released or pre-order it now.



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