Special edition Mutewatch Svart by Jesper Nyren is a futuristic touchscreen wristwatch for geeks

Designed by artist Jesper Nyren in collaboration with Mutewatch, the Svart wristwatch is specifically designed for people who demand high tech specs in a very simple, neat and compact design. The unique feature of the Svart watch is that when you are not looking at the time it looks like a cool wristband, but as soon as you tap the capacitive touchscreen or flick the wrist the glowing digital display (100 Hz refresh rate) comes on showing the time which in a way also saves battery life. After the display comes on, one can access all the functions like clock, alarm or timer by swiping horizontally on the touchscreen. The notifications like timer and alarm are indicated by a mute vibration alert and the vibration is automatically set according to your needs via the built-in sensors.

Svart watch is waterproof to one hundred meters and when you are outdoors or indoors the display light intensity is automatically adjusted for optimal glow. The watch can be worn by anyone with an adjustable wristband and the total weight of 40 grams makes it a very light-weight watch to sport on your wrist. Svart watch has 3-4 days of operation depending on usage and then can be juiced by 2 hours of USB port charging.

The Svart wristwatch by Jesper Nyren with gold details and specially designed gift box with uniaue patterns will cost $299 and you can purchase it from the Mutewatch store or online by following this link.

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