Video Head helmet with action camera shoots POV footage of high octane action sports

Whether you are skateboarding on the streets, skating indoors, cycling in the treacherous tracks, BMXing you way to glory performing unbelievable stunts or taking the plunge off the cliff for a free-fall; all these exhilarating adrenaline rush inducing sports exponentially increase the thrill if shot from the performer’s eye perspective. There is no dearth of accessories that come with hefty price tags to capture action sports videos that go viral in matter of days and make one popular among the masses. And amongst all these products the newest offering by C-Preme is the Video Head Helmets takes the helmet integrated camera technology to newer heights. Unlike other helmet camera products that we have seen in the past this one integrates the four directional lens and all the electronics within the helmet itself so that it doesn’t get tangled with anything while high octane action is taking place.

The integrated lens can be adjusted to the left, right, up or down depending on what needs to be shot during action sports. Additionally the power and record buttons are located on the lower right hand side of the helmet and the LED light along with the audio beep indicates when recording is initiated and then stopped. Depending on the video quality that you want while shooting with Video Head it can cost anywhere between $55-$200. Video Head VX1 model has 60-degree lens with VGA resolution at 30FPS costs $55 and is designed for amateurs while the VX3 model shoots footage at 120-degree lens freedom at 720p at 30 FPS and will cost $120. The highest quality camera among all these is the Video Head VX5 with 127-degree lens freedom and shooting resolution at 1080p (60FPS) costing $200.

The VX1 model has 2GB of storage space which gives about 30 minutes of footage while the other two models have 8GB space for 60 minutes of unadulterated footage. The whole thing can be charged up with the USB 2.0 port which also transfers the recorded footage onto your computer.

Considering that you get a full-proof helmet along with the camera the price of Video Head helmet is worth every single penny as you can show the world what you want them to see.

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