Henge Gravitas compact docking station for Apple gadgets stay putt even with one handed undocking

Finally a docking station for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch has arrived that is very compact in size and thankfully very stable when one undocks the gadget from it. Made from all metal construction using a metal alloy that is 265% denser than aluminum, the Henge Gravitas docking station weighs 1 kg and makes sure it stays put when one docks or removes their gadget from it with one hand. Considering that it has a very small form-factor of 77mm in diameter and 22mm height, the sleek design more than catches the eye. The dock is available in 30-pin configuration also which is perfect for charging iPhone 5, iPad 2, iPad Mini or iPod Touch and also has USB pass through and stereo audio line out.

With a seven degree viewing angle the docking station is ideal for making Facetime interactions. The two versions of Gravitas have interchangeable inserts to go with the iOS gadget(s) you have and comes at a surprising price of $65.



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