Life-size functional T-Rex dinosaur toy brings Jurassic Park 4 to your backyard

Who would want a 6 feet tall dinosaur breathing down their neck for the spine chilling surprise that their filthy rich friend would have planned. Well, at-least I don’t have many so I don’t have to worry about it hitting me unawares. Scotland’s largest toy selling firm H Grossman Ltd has been known for making humongous toys that pop-out eyeballs has made a new toy to amaze us all. A life-sized raptor to be exact; which by-the-way can breathe, walk, move every part of its body and is down-right real in appearance which will surely intimidate you. With all of waiting eagerly for the Jurassic Park 4 movie to be released in summer 2014, this toy by H Grossman is all set to hit the shelves just at the right time. Costing a jaw-dropping £9000 this dinosaur measures 20 feet long and for people who can’t afford the money or space to put this mega toy, there are smaller versions also.


Yours for only £9,000, a moving, breathing MEGASAUR at Olympia Toy Fair

From the award winning company that gave you Alien Eggs, Chrome Scooters, Pogo Sticks and Scoobies – H.Grossman Ltd, Scotland’s largest toy company, are bringing dinosaurs back to life at Toy Fair 2013.

If you want your own pre-historic pet, meet the Animated Megasaurs, top of the range can be yours for a cool £9,000 – and at six metres tall probably the largest and most expensive item ever launched to the public commercially and not as a stunt! These realistic raptors have moving heads, eyes, mouth, body, legs and tails. Some even walk and they all breathe!

You don’t have to start with the mightiest of the Megasaurs, you can begin with a more manageable
monster. The range includes the Triceratops and of course the notorious TRex. These raptors look like the real thing, springing into life when you walk past them. They compliment the lifelike, but static,
range of Megasaurs, superbly moulded and meticulously detailed (good enough for any Natural History Museum, even the one in Australia!). This year sees the introduction of amazing gift packs which contain collections of creatures that will please the most demanding of dinosaur devotees.

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