Edible Valentine’s Day card: Let your lover eat your heart out with joy

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and probably for the other significant too. That is why London-based medical artist Emily Evans has created an edible Valentine’s Day card from edible stuff and the writing ink that is edible too. Using potato starch, vegetable oil and water this edible card can be eaten without any fear of your tummy going bad. The card is completely blank and thus gives you the opportunity to put your heart out to the loved one in words, drawings and special signs that you two find important to your relationship.

The eatable card is designed in the style of Mexican papel picado with the front portion sporting an Amore Eternal banner and two skulls facing each other with a real heart portrait in between. Edible Valentine’s Day card measures 5 7/8” x 8 1/8” when folded and 11 ¾” x 8 1/8” when open and comes with 1 edible ink pen and I edible envelope too. Priced at just 12 USD the Edible Valentine’s Day card is the perfect way to express your emotions and gives your loved one to make it a part of their body by eating it.

Via: AVMCuriosities



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