iRiver Blank Ultraviolet disinfection toothbrush case kills 90% germs to prevent oral diseases

iRiver a company specializing in gadget accessories and peripheral devices has come up with a new product to keep your teeth bacteria and germ free even when you are using the best toothpastes or other oral medications. The problem starts when you have finished brushing and you put the toothbrush unprotected so it is imperative that the toothbrush also stays germ free until the next time you brush or else notorious germs will enter your mouth thereby increasing the chances of tooth problems. iRiver Blank is a toothbrush disinfecting case which has a Ultraviolet (UV) light throwing bulb which kills 90% of tooth bacteria that might breed on your toothbrush.

The rectangular toothbrush case has a mirror so that the UV light is reflected onto the bristles and all the germs are annihilated until the next use of toothbrush. The tray is made from resin material and antibacterial material which is the ideal location to put your toothbrush rather than putting it in your washroom open and susceptible to germs. Once you put the toothbrush head in direction of the UV light and close it the UV irradiation automatically starts and the process is completed within 5-7 minutes. When you have clean the interiors just take out the removable panel clean it and dry it and then put it back inside the toothbrush case again.

The rectangular toothbrush case measures 215 x 55 x 25 mm and weights around 160 grams (without any toothbrush inside). To charge it up you can connect the supplied USB cord to your PC or to an AC adapter and when you are travelling it works with two AA batteries too. iRiver Blank DN-84272 has just been released couple of days ago and to get your hands on this cool product and to buy it for $22 jump to the iRiver product page.



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