SoloShot tripod mount to film yourself in action when nobody is around

Venturing on solo adventure sports is a good thing but the only drawback is that you have a hard time filming your special moves. For example while skiing on the snow, practicing football moves, surfing in the seas, skateboarding in the alley, doing BMX stunts or any other activity that you want to do out alone. Sure you can bring along a buddy who can hold the camera and point it in your direction but it can’t be done for long hours. Here is when a robotic camera mounted on a tripod comes in that can move in the direction your move no matter what. SoloShot tripod with 5 feet tall extension and three collapsable legs is a revolutionary new product that tracks the user’s movement in 360 degree direction either ways and records every action performed for a distance of 2000 feet.

The strap transmitter worn by the user gives SoloShot the direction to aim the camera at and it is your ideal photography assistant that will never complain no matter what until the batteries run out of steam. Having a backup of 5 hours courtesy the rechargeable battery in one go, SoloShot tripod can be your perfect companion to have unattended footage of your moves that you want to analyze later on to improve your skills. The only flaw in the product is that it can only be used for panning the camera and not zooming it; otherwise it is a good accessory to have for blokes who like to be lone performers.

SoloShot tripod with standard camera mount screw is made from rugged engineering grade ABS polymer and has a security mechanism that locks the camera in place. It is compatible with almost all of the DSL and digital cameras as well as camcorders and can be used in the most extreme conditions too owing to its waterproof, and waveproof properties. The price of SoloShot is $479 which might seem a lot but for a user who wants exactly this king of functionality it is worth spending the money.

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