Trackar personal tracked transport vehicle can do everything from A-Z

Trackar is a result of the ideas propping up in the minds of quad and ATV racers, designers, mechanical engineers and others who always longed for an all-terrain vehicle that could be a way for future personal and recreation transportation. This personal tracked vehicle has a small footprint on the environment without compromise in freedom of movement an power that would get you out of chalk and cheese no matter what. Resembling a Segway scooter like standing position mobility, the Trackar is an all-terrain rescue, utility and power sports vehicle all combined in one. Having an unbeatable traction, Trackar can be used very efficiently in areas like agriculture, forestry, rescue services, snow maintenance, pulling, dragging, trailing and recreation without any hassles.

Under the hood Tracker boasts-of a 320ccm Honda derivative or 7kW electric engine with CVT transmission and the option of low and high gearing ratios. The reinforced TJD commercial ATV tracks on the vehicle ensure maximum traction and stability in treacherous road and environment conditions. The drum brake steering column ensures stable control even further. This 120 x 140 x 130 mm Vehicle has theoretical Maximum wading depth of 700mm, water cooling system and target weight 200kg in dry conditions. The Trackar basic version runs on gasoline while the electric version of Trackar called Track-E which seems a very good prospect for the future.

# Track-E electric version of Trackar

# Trackar vehicle in real development and testing stage

# Trackar as a IcePod vehicle called IceHam

# Trackar in action


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