Are you man enough to pull the trigger on your face with Six Shooter Revolver Shave Brush?

Men are very particular about their looks these days and why not they be, a whole lot is at stake depending just on your appearance on whole. One basic regime that men follow to look great a t all time is shaving their face and to make sure everything is perfect they use high-end shaving creams, after shaves and razors that give the closest possible shave. But can one forget the shaving brush that softens your beard making it ready for the cut. Although guns and shaving brush don’t have anything near possible common between them but one cool product brings them a tad closer. The Six Shooter Revolver Shave Brush has custom machined body made from real revolver with nickel .44 caliber (and .38 caliber will be coming soon) bullet casing.

The product is being pitched as one for manliest of men who demand the best shave each morning and deems it as a must have shaving accessory for real men. Revolver brush is made from the finest quality bagger hair and the revolver body is crafted from high grade anodized aluminum.

Six Shooter Shave Brushes come in 9 different models with different royal colors giving you the option to choose the one that perfectly suits your likes at the price of $149 only. So go on grab one for yourself from their online store right now.

Via: CoolMaterial



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