Saitek Pacific AV8R FlightStick brings World War 2 combat aircraft like simulated control to popular Xbox 360, PS3 and PC games

Everyone has their particular likes when it comes to gaming; some like First Person Shooters while others like the adrenaline rush of motorsports game and yet there are others who like to soar in the skies in fighter jets chasing down enemies and destroying enemy patrols on ground. Saitek Pacific AV8R FlightStick (Model No. SKU: MCB4321300A1/02/1 ) manufactured by Mad Catz Inc. is for those who are obsessed with fighter planes and the corresponding games that let them enjoy simulated flight amidst intense battle action. Made to emulate a real World War 2 combat aircraft flight stick, the AV8R FlightStick is compatible with your Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3 gaming console and Windows 8/7/Vista/XP PC. This flight control joystick has dual throttle mechanism which provides very realistic control of twin-engine aircraft and the aircraft-inspired toggle switches allow you to cycle through secondary weapons just like a real fighter plane pilot would do.

With Saitek’s Smart Technology Programming Software one can configure the controls and can be applied to the three button control, realistic trigger and POV analog stick. The detachable handle means you can store it easily and the detachable leg support means you can either put it on your thigh or attach it to a table. The removable grip soft-touch rubber finish ensures that you have a very comfortable flying experience during extended gaming weekend quota.

The buyers get a Demo version of the game Pacific Squadron WWII by Damage Inc. which features all the epic battles like the Pearl Harbor or the Battle of Iwo Jima. Apart from that you get a stylish WWII-era decal kit to personalize your Pacific AV8R FlightStick’s looks.

The price tag of $70 makes it a must have gaming accessory for people obsessed with flight simulators and raging battles high above the ground. Pacific AV8R FlightStick is compatible with many popular Xbox 360, PS3 and PC gaming titles like Ace Combat 6, Hawx 2, Blazing Angels 2, Birds of Steel, Flight Simulator, X-Plane and more.



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