Haier Smart Piano One Machine Q9 is a powerful Windows 8 desktop with professional MIDI piano

A research and development joint venture between Intel Intelligent interactive laboratory and design team Haier Group has led to this amazing cross-over product which brings professional piano playing and powerful Windows desktop PC together into one. Haier Smart Piano One Machine Q9 is has 10-point touch 27 inch capacitive LED screen (with 3H high qingrun eye screen technology) honed by the latest Windows 8 operating system that has an integrated 61 key MIDI keyboard piano for your kids learning sessions. Featuring a built-in audio synchronization technology and THX International Audio certification, the smart piano sessions with Q9’s U-piano teaching software beat any piano tutorials hand up as Haier claims that you’ll get started with playing melodious tunes in just under 5 minutes.

As a parent you know how costly professional piano learning sessions can be and buying a piano can be a costly affair too. Haier has developed this product strictly keeping in mind modern day requirements for child’s upbringing which has learning to play professional piano right on top of the list. All the learning sessions with Q9 are very professionally chosen and the built-in error correction and scoring system lets one view their progress on how much they have attained learning to play the king of musical instruments.
When you are not playing piano on this thumping system its processing power makes it ideal for enjoying other computing applications, gaming, internet and multimedia content just like you would do on a Windows 8 PC. The supplied wireless keyboard and mouse make sure you enjoy desktop computing without any hitches.

The top version of Haier Q9 is powered by Intel Core Duo i7-3770 processor, Intel H61 motherboard, Nvidia GT630M graphics card, 8GB DDR3 RAM and 2 Terabyte hard disk which makes it a powerful machine. To play the high-quality piano music there is the THX-certified 7.1 surround sound speaker system, build-in MIC and 720P HD camera to record all your sessions. This high-end model will cost around $3,212 and the lower version powered by Intel Duo i5 processor having 4GB DDR3 RAM will set you back $2087.

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