C3 Powersports Carbolution Project snow sled made from carbon fiber composites

This Carbolution Project from C3 Power Sports will water snow sled lovers as they can well imagine the possibilities with this mountain free ride sled. Being light-weight due to the carbon fiber material used for almost all the major parts in manufacturing. Carbolution Project snow sled features the all new C3 SyncroDrive for powering up the 250 HP engine to 162. There is a customized stock pipe and 800XP with modified turbo kit from R&D Turbo making it a sort of powerhouse while riding the snow. The new liquid perimeter cooling system developed by C3 SyncroDrive keeps the heat from turbo engine system down to normal levels, thereby eliminating any chances of overheating.

Carbolution snow sled has total weight of 413.5 lbs with full coolant and a bit of fuel inside, whereas when it is empty the weight is 398lbs. talking about the turbo kit installed, it has been modified in a big way for more power and reducing the weigh which is a key element in every snowsled. For more grip on the snow and traction the Fox Floats, Arctic Cat Powerclaw tracks and Nextech rear skid provide that assured riding comfort with high maneuverability qualities. The strength of the one-piece monocoque chassis further reinforces the safety aspects of the snow sled making it ideal for highly elevated terrain.

Via: CarbonFiberGear



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