MiniScanEYE BT pen-styled portable Bluetooth scanner for digitizing readable content

Digitized readable format is becoming ever so popular these days with the geeks around the globe due to portable gadgets with high-resolution screens making the content readable like never before. MiniScanEYE BT is one such compact pen shaped scanner that works with Bluetooth connection and is compatible with Android devices (tablet/smartphone), Windows PC (Windows 8 and alter versions) and Mac. One has to just move the scanner on the text that needs to be digitized and the OCR (Optical Character Reading) will then automatically send it over to your Android device which has the compatible app or Windows/Mac PC. If you are using MiniScanEYE BT with Windows/Mac PC then you can connect it using the USB connection too and the bundled software is installed to provide an interface for the reader.

The character recognition is done in a row-by-row basis with a dictionary recognition function actuated via the internet connectivity. One can use the pen styled scanner for both left and right hand by tinkering the setting and if you want to read Chinese or Japanese text then vertical reading is also possible. The app for MiniScanEYE BT makes sure that the scanner works with OCR standards of over 20 countries with the ability to translate text in 59 languages which is great for such a portable scanner. It also has the capability to upload the scanned text to SNS/cloud services and the optimal readable font size is around 5-22 points for any font with speed of 15 cm per second.

MiniScanEYE BT is very light-weight at 35 grams and measure 130 x 37 x 18.5 mm in length, depth and height respectively. The price is around $267 which might sound a lot but is worth the money especially if you want to digitize loads of readable content.



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