Gull-winged Lamborghini Aventador and Reventon PC case mod drives me crazy

If you want to create a PC case mod based on some sports car then it better be a gull-winged Lamborghini. [flix], a modder has made the Aprire PC case mod inspired by his love for both Lamborghini Aventador and Reventon. In the past too we have seen the Lamborghini Reventon themed PC case mod but this one id freaking cool as it has gull-winged styled opening cabinet panels. Using black and carboxylic film the PC case does actually resemble the trademark Lamborghini’s sexy curves and eye-catching looks. All the curves and the depth is attributed to the use of plexi-glass for the PC case mod.

[flix] used a Watercooler from Enermax to cool off the high performance system and for the gull-winged functionality gas springs are used which by the way are normally used only for furniture assembly items. Apart from all the looks the PC case has hardware including an Asus Rectcu 2 graphics card. You can also craft this kind of computer case using your regular hardware by following the instructions given here, while others enjoy it in pictures.



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