iPad & iPhone controlled RC Battle Tank for intense war in the miniature battlefield

Have a look at these small little RC tanks that can be controlled with your iPhone 5 or iPad so that you take on friends and family in a real battlefield situation. Having being modeled on real German army tanks during Second World War, these palm-sized tanks called RC Tank Combat Raj USB (Model No. RCCOMBAT34) have infrared sensors which can be used to point your cannon at other similar tanks. Once you hit the enemy tank’s sensor at top of the turret four times you’ll be declared as the victor and the cute little tank can be yours, which is of course if you want to play the game with such conditions. You’ll be amazed by the maneuverability and speed of this tiny little battle tank all due to its powerful motor, as compared to the real thing, and is absolute fun to operate.

For firm grip on any plain or abrasive surface the tank has caterpillar rubber grip which allows it to scale elevations of up to 30 degrees. Total weight of this miniature tank is 30 grams and it measures 39 x 39 x 56 mm. The continuous operating time of the RC tank is around 5 minutes and it can be charged via USB connection to your PC, wall outlet USB adapter or battery powered charger.

The accessories that come along with it can also be charged easily while the compatible app can be downloaded from the app store which lets you control the tank at the tip of your fingers.

This iPhone/iPad controlled tank is compatible with all iOS models including iPhone 5, iPhone4/4S, iPod touch, iPad and iPad mini first generation. And talking about the price of just $32 this is a perfect gift for your kids who love battle tanks and war scenes.



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