Fred introduces T-shirts made from 100% recycled plastic bottles

We have always been thrilled by the process of transforming trash into something wearable and saving it from landing into landfills. This is a reason we wanted you to be familiar with this new initiative by water brand Fred. Fred in its latest venture has introduced T-shirts made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. It may not be really hard to believe that these T-shirts are made of recycled plastic bottles, because it’s not a new concept, we have seen such wearable clothing before, but we believe it is really exciting to adorn a soft and lightweight T-shirt that speaks to the environment and makes a fashion statement too. Pick a T-shirt directly from Fred for $27.

This recently introduced collection of T-shirts by Fred is made from recycled plastic bottles collected in North Carolina. Fred has ditched cotton for recycled plastic as their material for T-Shirts because of the environmental impact of cotton production and to make consumers understand the need for recycling.

Via: CoolHunting



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