BowBlade workout tool converts your smartphone into real archery bow

Archery is one of the most active outdoor activities that can be taken up to strengthen upper body strength and to have those protruding triceps. While we are used to gaming on smartphone and tablets in a very realistic interface powered by high-end graphics, the BowBlade takes gaming to a whole new level. One can hook on their Android smartphone, iPhone 5 or iPod touch to BowBlade and begin their archery frenzy on one of the 35 compatible iOS and Android apps. What’s more interesting, well it can be connected with gaming consoles like Nintendo Wii, Xbox or PlayStation using special mounts. What amazes me about this next age gaming accessory is its ability to combine real accessory with simulated gaming experience.

This active-gaming device combines augmented reality and real world physics to create a mix of real-virtual environment that immerses you in the gameplay. The bow is made from two inter-connected blades having airplane strength material that bends exactly like a real archery bow to create the right tension. While on the other hand arrow is a virtual one and links to online technologies to create a very realistic experience for the user. The trigger for this AR bow is hooked on to the stylus tip which taps the screen to shoot the arrow in virtual reality.

If you don’t want to use BowBlade in gaming apps of your smartphone it can be used in healthy body mode wherein it provides full body workout in 10 minutes. No wonder it is developed and patented by a Canadian doctor, Ron Green who is a wizard when it comes to treating body muscularity problems. And his interest in video-gaming is the reason for the development of such an amazing device that doubles as body fitness equipment.

BowBlade will start shipping from the month of April and you can place your order in any of the three sizes based on height. The simple version will cost $185 while a much heavier BowBlade with 20 or 30 pounds resistance will set you back $200.

Via: Wired/Gizmodo



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