Mitsubishi’s flexible car HUD system adjusts to any interiors

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has developed an all new car display system that has the flexibility to change the display elements and colors according to the interiors of car. The free-form screen interface of the display system along with a very powerful optical engine capable of projecting images on curved, oval or triangular screens easily adapts to any car make or the interiors it has. The technology used in the display system takes direct cues from their earlier rear projection TV and car electronics technology that is full-proof against any operating conditions.

Free-form Display system uses LED (1.5 times wider than conventional display) as the light source and a light sensor controls the light emissions. The original curve-variable system projects images on the screen to minimize blur even in the deep curvy areas for crystal clear view while driving. As opposed to conventional display systems, Mitsubishi’s new car display system’s single optical engine can work with a wide range of surfaces. The distortion-free images are projected in such a way that the patent-pending system adjusts the visual input in such a way that there are no anomalies.

A hybrid-cooler is attached to the system for smooth operation in high temperatures and the overall built ensures that there is no distortion caused due to vibration of chassis while driving. While in bright conditions too, the image is crisp and clear due to the plastic screen which absorbs the external light rather than reflecting it.

Via: UberGizmo



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