Folding laptop desk stand with build-in cooling pad for use on bed

While working with your laptop in the night time laying on your bed or on the couch it can get difficult to get a good ergonomic position while maintaining your comfort level. And in these times you wish your laptop could be suspended in tin air and you could work on it while lying down flat. This laptop stand is made specifically for lazy blokes who like to enjoy working on their laptop lying flat on the bed or couch. The stand has been ergonomically designed so that you can adjust the positioning according to your needs and the fastening belt strap with clips, along with the two stoppers make sure your laptop stays putt while working on it. Not only does it hold your laptop in place against gravity but also keeps it cool with the two cooling fans placed strategically at the right place. So not only does it act as a comfortable, wide stand for your laptop but it also serves as a cooling pad!

The foldable laptop desk stand with cooling pad is quite maneuverable and if you want it can also function as a table for working in the hot weather with the cooling efficiency of provided USB powered fans. Total weight of the table is around 1960 grams and the width of 840 mm is wide enough to provide ample space for the laptop. Additionally when you want to read a magazine or book, then also it comes in handy while lying flat on the bed for hands-free comfort.

This desk stand called “de Sukuwaido COOL grounder supine sleeping” (Model No. GORODE80 4562331760825) has been launched today in Japan in limited number and the next batch of the product will arrive in March, so if you want to get your hands on it for the price of around $85, do it soon.



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