Omron HR-500U pulsimeter wristwatch gives real-time pulse reading

Omron Healthcare has released their HR-500U pulsimeter wristwatch that measures your pulse rate during jogging, sports activity or workout regimes. Unlike other similar products which require you to wear a transmitor strap around the chest to get accurate reading of the current pulse rate, HR-500U doesn’t require such compatibility. It measures the heart rate by detecting the flow of blood in the capillaries around the wrist area via a photoelectric pulse wave sensor and the data captured from the accelerometer. As the device provides pulse rate date in real time it also provides four different training modules during warm-up and cool-down. It also displays the calories burned, the distance covered and the pace at which you are walking.

The rechargeable wristwatch with charging USB cable can be connected to your PC and can be used for about 8 days with exercise or jogging regime of 1 hour per day on one charge. It weighs only 35 grams, is completely washable with the detachable wrist strap and is priced at around $149 apiece. HR-500U pulsimeter wristwatch will be available from February 20 on-wards.



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