Explore the underwater wonders with the snazzy Submarine Camcorder

We humans know far less about the world beneath them than the world above them. Fascination with the night sky and the shining stars combined with an ancient myth of ‘heavens above and hell below’ ensured that we know little about both the earth’s inner layers and the vibrant oceans that cover  most of the planet’s surface. Of course, unlike space, the ocean is not empty and this poses a challenge in itself for those who wish to explore its many hidden mysteries. The Submarine Camcorder might not promise a journey to these deep dark fathoms below, but it will at least make you feel like an awesome marine explorer!

The Submarine Camcorder is connected with a 100 feet cable that allows this 19-inch long, 14 ½-inches wide and 7-inch high mini-wonder to beam high resolution videos and images to your iPad. You can pretty much watch live videos as the sub explores the world beneath the water surface and if you are planning a trip to the nearest reef, then this will help you in capturing some incredible images without having to actually take the plunge. A virtual joystick, camera controls and an awesome display offering 1280 x 720 resolution images comes with this compact aquatic voyager.

With the help of electric thrust, it can go forward at the rate of 5 kts and you can even use it in the reverse mode. The sub comes with unique software that allows you to use your iPad to store all its images, videos and even control its movements with its motion sensor technology. With 32-GB built-in memory and an ability to function for 2 hours on fully charged batteries, this is all about capturing the wet world that evades us without having to sport the flippers and the scuba gear!

Via: TheGreenHead/LikeCool



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