StormFly allows you to carry your PC in a cool wristband

Okay, let us get one thing cleared up right at the beginning. StormFly will not fold your PC and stretch it out into a stylish wristband with a display that you can just sports as a fashion accessory. But considering all the ‘flexible display’ technology being paraded these days, maybe that day is not very far off as well. For now, you will have to do with is a super-fast storage device with an open source operating system that is ultra-portable and amazingly convenient. Currently being developed and perfected by Now Computing, this audacious wristband design allows you to simply carry your operating system along with you at all times and that pretty much translates to having a PC strapped onto your wrist!

From your own 3D gaming needs to music collection, from files to various folders and all the data, you can now pretty much move around everything and do it in a secure and safe fashion.  All your application programs and files can be plugged in to any Mac or PC elsewhere and StormFly kicks-in to ensure that your own system configuration is up and running in an instant. The best part is that once you start using StormFly with a simple set of commands, the original operating system of the PC or laptop you are currently using will not be functional and hence will undergo absolutely no changes.

StormFly offers a stylish and sensible solution to the problem of having to drag around your laptop while on the move. Now, all you need is one laptop or PC for a group of friends travelling together and everyone can have their entire OS functional without having to disturb the preferences of the other. Ideal for travelers, schools with limited systems, those concerned about security settings and pretty much everyone else who wishes to have their laptops at their finger tips at all times without the portability issues, StormFly is currently rising funds on Kickstarter to ensure it ropes in enough to turn the idea into a commercial reality.

You can contribute yourself to get an early ‘StormFly’ at a cool price and also help the future of portable computing. Now, who thought we would get too lazy to even carry thin laptops and compact Ultrabooks!

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