Strange Visions: 3D printed face sculptures created from human DNA collected on the streets

It is now wonder that DNA is out genetic code which opens all keys to who we are, were we came from and where we are heading. DNA analysis can a whole lot about a person and is especially useful in forensic research and other applications that are the pinnacle of medical research. Under normal circumstances human DNA would have no direct correlation with 3D printing applications but Heather Dewey-Hagborg, an information artist has changed all that. Weaving all the elements of human existence, technology and environment Heather proudly presents her project Stranger Visions to the world. A very unique and interesting way to create portrait sculptures of people she has never seen in her life. Yes, she might not have seen any of the people she just gets 3D printed but she has their DNA to create the whole picture.

This she does by analyzing the DNA from genetic material that is collected from random public places on the street, in restaurants, bus stops, gardens etc. just like a forensic expert she carefully collects important information from the hair, cigarette buds, saliva etc. of unassuming strangers. Once she has enough details on the DNA pattern of the sculpture to be constructed, Heather then uses DNA facial modeling software and thereafter 3D printer to bring physical model of a complete stranger to life. All the features, hair color, eye color and age of the person are then apparent as the sculpture is finally constructed.

This is a very mind-boggling art form to set forth on and Heather has shown us how we can use technologies like 3D printing to create something that has more meaning to it than otherwise. According to Heather there are a few chances that the sculpture constructed would not be an exact 100% match of the real person, like the color of eyes or hair may vary slightly but still it would be astoundingly close to the real person’s look.

Via: DesignBoom



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