Robotalk personal assistant robot for everything you crave in a friend

There are times when you are all alone even in a crowded place and these times call for a friend that will never leave your sight. So why not have a robot that can be your best friend forever till eternity. This is Robotalk, a 600 gram small robot measuring 220 mm in height developed by Okamura which has its own personality and a smile to die for. Robotalk is equipped with a camera, proximity sensor and lift sensor that senses movement and responds to your spoken words. The robot can also read you the latest news, play quizzes, give presentations, play music, make surveys, play interactive games, record voice or capture pictures to send directly through mail or be quiet at times for a change with its mesmerizing eyes flabbergasting you. As Robotalk is connected to the internet via wireless LAN it enables cloud content to be synchronized with the personal assisting robot on any query or information that might be needed.


This battery powered Japanese robot has LED illuminated face while the body is made from alloy ABS, acrylic and aluminum material. It runs on 1.6 GHz Intel Atom processor with 1GB DDR2 SD RAM and a 8GB SSD drive all running in harmony with Linux Ubuntu 8.04 OS. The price tag of US$ 5,087 might give you heartache, but it has many possibilities in the future, and most of all it could be your best friend and personal assistant like none other.

Via: Okamura



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