Lego 3D printing machine created by 15 year old high school geek

3D printing and 3D printers are becoming so popular these days that now we are seeing surprising new contraptions every day. Normally a 3D printer would be made out of steel or other industrial material but a 15 year old high school student from Greece is on his way to change that. Mario Papachristou was so much inspired by the GNU RepRap 3D printer and Arthur Sacek’s Milling Machine that he ventured out on making his own version of an eye-catching 3D printer in Lego. Made from Lego Mindstorms bricks this one of a kind 3D printer emulates the design cues from RepRap Mendel 3D printer. The motivation for such a project is to pave way for an amalgamation of art, computer design and make people aware about the latest technologies.

The Lego 3D printer’s machine is actuated by three motors and a DC motor is used to control the drill attached to the Z-axis. To get the linear movement right while 3D printing objects, a DIY linear actuator was added along with a simple 8-tooth Gear hooked onto the Worm and Linear Gear. The project is currently under development and we can’t wait for the final completed Lego 3D printing machine, so keep tuned in.

Via: Code.Google/3Ders



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