Embellish your iPad mini with a gold, platinum or gold rose finish to turn eyeballs

iPad mini in itself is one great technological marvel of gadget world, and adding a bit of zing to its already personified charm does make it eye-poppingly cool. Blokes over at Goldgenie are beefing up the new iPad mini (WiFi and 4G) with 24 carat Gold, Platinum or Rose gold finish which increases its face value like none other. The iPad mini’s crystal clear 7.9 inch display, powerful A5 chip, HD camera, iSight camera (1080p) and ultra-fast wireless connectivity seem a bit more upbeat when you have the sexy exteriors to boast-off.

This exclusive iPad mini can cost anywhere between £1497 to £1897 depending on the iPad mini model you chose or the finish you choose. For instance the iPad mini 64 GB model in Rose Gold finish will cost £1797 while the 16 GB model in Gold finish will set you back £1497. The bling iPad mini will come in a Piano finished box in black or white color.

If you already have an iPad mini then also Goldgenie can embellish in that distinctive look at just £997, £1097, £1107 for Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum look respectively.



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