Hydrosleeve arm hydrating system facilitates hand-free liquid intake method for runners

Designed specifically for avid runners as well as casual runners the Hydrosleeve is a hands-free water sipping solution that straps onto your arm sleeve, allowing you to sip liquid whenever you want without disrupting the running rhythm. This arm hydrating system ensures that you’ll stay hydrated during long runs for greater physical exertion and improved running performance. The angled water valve is designed in such a way that you just have to lift your arm to your mouth and the 7 oz bladder storing water is delivered to your body when needed. The material used in Hydrosleeve is made from hi-grade synthetics, high quality TPU, insulated reusable bladder and adjustable strap so that anyone can wear it.

The thermal-cool insulator ensures that your water stay cool and refreshing for longer duration of time and the angled valve is set to 15 degrees to reach the mouth and also keeps air from entering the bladder. A heavy duty zip lock can be opened to fill the liquid anytime and the bladder compresses down to eliminate any slosh when liquid content is low. Hydrosleeve is very light-weight and will come in a number of vibrant colors at an estimated price of $50, if it makes through the crowd-funding stage at Indiegogo.



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