Thales Scrum Simulator is six-legged robotic trainer for tough rugby players

This is a six-legged robot simulator used for training regimes of the rugby players as a part of the management-transition training program at Thales. Developed by a dedicated team of simulator experts at Thales in association with national research institute CNSR and French rugby, it is called as Thales Scrum Simulator. The core reason for its development was to analyze the scrum accidents to avoid any spinal cord injuries to players but later on it was also used for coaching and match preparations for rugby players. As compared to other such simulators this one uses six-axis motion system which responds to the player’s strength input via sensors on the back side beam and shoulder pads.

The robot simulator then reconstructs the scrum movements by moving the beam in either direction which is a huge leap from other simulators which only measure force. Thales Scrum Simulator is specifically designed keeping in mind the fact that each player has his own weakness and it adjusts the resulting scrum pressure. The pre-programmed control then makes sure that the reaction is as real as possible which enhances the training routine all-together.

It is equipped with powerful computers that transfer the information to the six actuators that further move the melee simulator in three dimensions. On the other hand, robotic beast can also be controlled with a joystick allowing the coach to apply direct force onto the front section when needed.

As of now the intimidating beast is permanently a part of French national rugby training center in Marcoussis, near Paris, since June 2010. Surprisingly the simulator caught so much attention that it became a part of the Adidas ad campaign, have a look below for this nerve-racking commercial.

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