Video Recording Waterproof Camera for high octane sports action

For outdoor adventure fanatics nothing can stop them from exploring new places, no matter what the weather conditions are. And the fun exponentially increases if you can record all the action amidst the high octane action during sports. For example while snowboarding, skiing, hand-gliding, sky diving, cycling and other action sports you bank on a camera that can record the action in HD quality. Look East has released the Recorder Waterproof Camera SL-WP1080DR06 that is ideal for outdoor sports as it weighs only 133 grams. Once you have recorded the action at 60FPS (1920×1080 resolution) it can then be streamed on your TV using HDMI connectivity.

The waterproofing qualities and the protective outer case makes sure that this camera can record high definition videos in any weather conditions and also be unperturbed by falls onto abrasive surface. The 1.5 inch LCD screen can be used to quickly have a look at the recorded video. The video recording camera is perfect for winter sports and comes for just US$180.



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