Dancing Face Stand puts your iPhone in swaying groove

There are hundreds and thousands of docks for iPhone out there but none dances on its own. Well, this Dancing Face Stand for iPhone does exactly that as it puts your iPhone into overdrive dancing to the tunes of music. Takara Tomy demonstrated this unique product at the Tokyo Gift Show and amazed onlookers as the screen too has an animated face in screen lock mode that moves according to the music and the dancing dock. The dock is powered on its own and does not in any way use your iPhone’s battery reserve and the built-in microphone picks up the sound and triggers the dancing motion. The dancing face on the screen is all courtesy the compatible iOS app and amazingly you can animate any of your stored images to be animated, for example your friend’s face or your bosses grim looking face.

The Dancing Face Stand will come in three different color choices; blue, white and red and is expected to be released by the month of June, 2013. The expected price of Dancing Face Stand for iPhone and iPod touch is going to be around US$37, which is not that much considering all the fun you’ll have.

Via: Robot-dreams



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