High-end iPad case cover collection by Cottin Paris for the elite class

iPad is a gadget that adds to your style statement and persona that is why so many people crave to lay their hands on it. There are so many buyers for this game changing tablet that it a become a bit common, that is why you need to beef up its look a notch higher, to stand out in the crowd. And what better than an iPad case that oozes high class persona. The high-end collection of iPad cases from Cottin Paris are hand-crafted using exquisite material and precious leather which makes them one of the most eye-catching iPad cases. The collection is spread across a wide variety of choice of material and you can have a look at it here.

# Buci Conti:

The shell of this case is made in white lacquer while the other half is made in red lizard gainerie and platinum Apple logo to complete the look. The purchase price is €2560 for this case.

# Grands Augustins:

Exemplifying the French tradition from Grand Augustins this one has antique silver cover, mahogany full grain leather gainerie and platinum Apple logo. €2560 is the price for this iPad case.

# Nevers:

This one is similar to the other two except for the urban brushed black nickel cover and the price tag is €2780.

# Dauphine:

Priced at €3220 this one emulates an orientalistic mirage with its pale gold cover, sand lizard leather gainerie and 18 carats gold Apple logo.

# Coligny:

Made from black crocodile leather this iPad cover has matt black aluminum shell and platinum Apple. The price for this case is a whooping €3220.

# Carrare:

Carrare is a mystical devotion to the purity in a body painted with a white marble lacquer, a blue full grain leather gainerie and white mother of pearl apple. The price for Carrare iPad case is €3490.

# Loupe D’orme:

Perhaps one of the highest priced iPad case in the Cottin Paris collection at €3870, Loupe D’orme has a lacquered burr elm cover, a sand lizard leather gainerie and 18 carat gold Apple.

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